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Our qualified and experienced designers work with each client to produce bespoke designs for all areas of your home – including kitchens, pantries, laundries, robes and feature shelving solutions.
Prime Kitchens creates design solutions that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, and we offer an affordable solution by taking into account your budget, your available space and the way your family functions As our houses are predominately open plan, Prime Kitchens designers consider your adjacent rooms and the style of your property. Built in appliances such as inbuilt range hoods and integrated fridges work well and provide a cleaner aesthetic.
Trends Prime Kitchens designers forecast to be HOT in 2021 include:

Affordable Kitchen from Prime Kitchens NZ

In 2021, we’re seeing a growing interest in kitchens that feature a strong base colour such as white, charcoal, black, navy, blush.
• Two toned kitchens or kitchens with accents
• Charcoal, deep blue, warm whites and alabasters
• Natural colour palettes – whites, woods, blacks and greys
• Blacks very popular in the matt finish
• Metallics in handles, sink accessories, and subtle use as cabinet accents


The focus on design this year is all about layering textures and using natural materials to create visual interest. Natural materials on trend in 2021 include solid timber benchtops, interesting handles and granites, engineered stones that closely imitate nature, concrete inspired bench tops in lookalike laminate or engineered stone, plate stainless steel, textural tiles and pops of complimentary coloured tiles.
• Lots of layering of differing materials and finishes for visual interest
• Timber look melamine or vinyl wrap
• Tile is back in – often to ceiling
• Herringbone is very on trend, but bagged brick and subway remain popular
• Layering of black and timber for a strong nod to industrial


This year in cabinetry, we’re seeing a rise in matt and soft touch fingerprint-less acrylic, as well as embossed or textured finishes. While high gloss acrylic remains popular, wood grain melamine or vinyl wrap has really come into its own as an affordable and aesthetically pleasing solution. Handle less cabinetry solutions are still on trend, although recessed handles are increasing in popularity.
• High gloss, embossed or textured finishes
• Matt, soft touch fingerprint-less finishes
• Simple panelled doors for country-style kitchens
• Handle-less cabinetry solutions are still on trend
• Recessed handles are increasing in popularity


Solid surface acrylic benchtops are really growing in popularity, and 60% of bench tops manufactured in Europe are now acrylic. These provide an easily repairable solution that are warm to the touch and very cost competitive.
• 20 and 30mm bench tops are very popular
• Laminate is extremely affordable and practical
• Engineered stone is still very popular and exceptionally hardwearing
• Benchtops with acrylic edges, providing a seamless edge
• Lookalike concrete in either a matt or polished finish
• Dual material benchtops – such as solid timber and stone
• Honed stone benchtops, which offer a silky touch and non-reflective matt surface
• Layering of benchtops to create raised bar leaners add interest


While kitchens have three primary functions – cooking, cleaning and storage – our designers also consider the increasing use of modern technology in the heart of the home, including charging plugs, task lighting, appliances such as wine fridges and pyrolytic ovens, and customised space to work on your laptop or tablet.
Storage is paramount, particularly as housing is trending towards smaller spaces. Gone are large corner pantry units – replaced with on bench bi-fold pantry units, or tall pantry units with pull out drawers for ease of use and accessibility. Maximising space involves creative corner cabinet solutions such as magic corners, le-mans, and lazy Susans. Drawers are extremely popular and are designed in suitable heights and widths to suit the storage of cutlery, pots, pans, bowls and platters.
• Storage solutions are king
• Built in power charges and areas for laptop use
• Built in and concealed rangehoods
• Open steel metal shelving, with strong industrial vibes
• Benchtops and drawers integrated into pantries
• LED strip lighting is a must for features and or task lighting
• Built in lighting below wall units and under island benchtops

While we always take into account current trends, Prime Kitchens understands the importance of designing for your long term objectives and budget – creating an evergreen solution that looks fabulous, and will be loved for many years to come.


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